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The Warrior Larp Armor is a full suit of armor that is battle ready and adjusts to fit almost anyone. This fully functional Larp armor makes you want to participate in Larp battles and can be assembled in a variety of ways. Our steel Warrior Armor will provide the protection needed and is the preferred suit of battle ready armor for the typical fighter or paladin.

The complete warrior larp armor was designed with a focus on comfort and functionality during battle. This fantasy armor is made from 1mm (18 gauge) steel with real steel rivets and rolled edges. This medieval armor is a great costume piece and was designed for live action role playing.

If after using your plate armor you notice signs of rust on your shinny armor, use 000 steel wool combined with a small amount of wd-40 and Scrub lightly in a circular motion. You will be able to remove the rust from the surface of your larp armor but stubborn stains must be polished out. Before placing your wet armor in storage please dry it off using a clean dry towel. Your complete warrior armor must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent rust or premature ageing of the metal.

When larping do not leave your armor lying in the grass, the acid from the grass tends to accelerate the rust giving it a permanent stain that only buffing with compound paste can remove.

For leather parts a wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied). Wet leather will rust the exposed parts of metal on the armor.

Breast plate, Back Plate, Tassettes, Bracers, Greaves, Shoulders, Belt
* Breast plate can be worn alone (straps included)

Polished Steel:
1mm (18 gauge)

Epic Armoury Larp Armors are known by:
• Quality leather straps
• Steel rivets
• Rolled edges (safe for Larp weapons)
• Fantastic armor designs made for larping
• Guaranteed

# Medium Large XLarge
A 30cm (12 Inches) 36cm (14 Inches) 36cm (14 Inches)
B 23cm (9 Inches) 27cm (10.5 Inches) 27cm (10.5 Inches)
C 18cm (7 Inches) 19cm (7.5 Inches) 19cm (7.5 Inches)
G 23cm (9 Inches) 26cm (10 Inches) 26cm (10 Inches)
H 20cm (8 Inches) 23cm (9 Inches) 23cm (9 Inches)
I 16cm (6.5 Inches) 18cm (7 Inches) 18cm (7 Inches)
J 30.5cm (12 Inches) 32.5cm (12.75 Inches) 33.5cm (13.25 Inches)
K 25cm (9.75 Inches) 30.5cm (12 Inches) 37cm (14.5 Inches)
L 37cm (14.5 Inches) 41cm (16 Inches) 46cm (18 Inches)
M 30.5cm (12 Inches) 35cm (14 Inches) 40cm (15.75 Inches)
N 45cm ( 17.75 Inches) 47.5cm (18.75 Inches) 53.5cm (21 Inches)
0 39.5cm (15.5 Inches) 39.5cm (15.5 Inches) 39.5cm (15.5 Inches)
P 39.5cm (15.5 Inches) 39.5cm (15.5 Inches) 9.5cm (15.5 Inches)