Suede Fencing Gloves

Epic Armoury

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These particular leather larp gloves are produced from authentic suede leather and are fantastic option for virtually any historical swords man. These durable gloves provide a superb grip on your Larp sword and because of this our medieval fencing gloves are also ideal for protecting your hands during combat. You can never have too much protection in battle.



Epic Armoury Leather product must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or premature ageing on the leather. Before placing a wet item in storage please allow to dry in its original form usually in the sun for about 20 minutes. A wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied).


Data Sheet


Colour :
Black or Brown

Black or Brown suede leather

Part Number SMALL MEDIUM Large
A NA 6.5cm (2.7 Inches) 7cm (2.75 Inches)
B NA 7cm (2.75 Inches) 7.3cm (2.82 Inches)
C NA 8.2cm (3.25 Inches) 8.5cm (3.3 Inches)
D NA 8.2cm (3.25 Inches 8.5cm (3.3 Inches)
E NA 5.7cm (2.25 Inches) 6.5cm (2.58 Inches)
F NA 10cm (4 Inches)

10.7cm (4.125 Inches)



34.3cm (13.5 Inches)

34.3cm (13.5 Inches)