Skullsplitter II


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All those years fighting, breaking skulls and bones, they make Orcs happy. Looting, ravaging the land, burn down all that stands in our way, it fills our heart with pride. But what’s best is that my precious axe is still with me. Oh, of course, I’ve broken its handle on a dwarven helm, but I made another one, and now it’s longer! Perfect to crush those pesky little creatures.

I’m not the strongest of my tribe. I’m not the chief either, but I hit as hard as any of them, and the blood that drips from my weapon is the same that drips from theirs. That’s what matters. I make blood flow, and that makes me a true Orc warrior.

Orcs, Ogres and other cruel and savage creatures will appreciate the simple efficiency of this weapon: lift high, strike hard. Dark mages and necromancers, with their unnatural affinity with death, will also be able to use this weapon made of the deformed skull of a war victim.


Weight (gr) 520.0000
Total Length (cm) 85
Staff Length (cm) 68
Grip Length (cm) 20
Head Width (cm) 23
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam, Plastic
Country of Manufacture Canada