RFB Brown Viking Armor

Epic Armoury

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The amateur Larp warrior will treasure this authentic suede brown leather Viking Armor. Built for the debutant Larp warrior, this cost-effective lightweight armor perfectly represents the force of the Viking warrior. This Larp body armor is made of a weaved leather style that fits the majority of Larp warriors, delivering proper protection where necessary during battle or can also be used as a costume piece at virtually any medieval or renaissance festival.



Epic Armoury Leather product must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or premature ageing on the leather. Before placing a wet item in storage please allow to dry in its original form usually in the sun for about 20 minutes. A wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied).


Data Sheet


Chest: 76-100cm (30-40 inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 45-53cm (18-21 inches)

Chest: 86-127cm (34-50 inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 51-59cm (20-23 inches)

Chest: 92-152cm (36-60 inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 55-66cm (22-26 inches)

Chest: 96-178cm (38-70 inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 63-76cm (25-30 inches)

Epic Armoury leather Viking armor is known for:
• Adjustable leather straps
• Suede leather 5-6oz
• Form fitting
• Guaranteed