Red Carnal Orc Mask

Epic Armoury

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The Carnal Red Orc Shows us just what a savage creature the Orc’s can be. This mask comes complete with sideburns and a Mohawk which amplifies the features of the piece. Wide breathing and hearing holes allows your senses to be in tune. Ideal for manhunting.

Material: Thick Latex, Synthetic Hair
Size: Large 59-61cm or 23-24 inches
Color: Bright Red (K360704), Black (K360707)
Made By: Epic Armoury

Epic Armoury Latex masks are extremely durable but do require a minimal amount of care in order to preserve the appearance and life of the mask. Any sweat or makeup residue can be easily removed using soapy water the wipe dry after each use.

The holes in the mask sometimes must be modified to fit the wearer. Using a pair of sharp scissors widen the opening to suit your needs. Make sure the clear each opening especially the ears.

Never store near any heat source or on the dashboard of your car, it may melt. Avoid spraying any products containing deet or acetone on the mask. People with latex allergies should avoid using this product.