Ragnar II (Dirk)


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Even if our great claymores are extremely useful, in battle as well as to create fear into our ennemies’ hearts, once we are stuck in close quarters, they become rather hard to wield. That’s why we all have a shorter secondary weapon, made exactly for those situations when we can’t swing wide without hurting our friends.

These weapons are as sharp as our greatswords, and as deadly. Of course, they aren’t seen as terrifying, but for those who survived, they will always be the true face of terror. After all, it’s not the length of the blade that counts, it’s the warrior behind it.


Weight (gr) 250.0000
Durometer N/A
Total Length (cm) 59
Blade Length (cm) 41
Blade Thickness 1.9
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type Diamond V8
Handle Length 18
Grip Length (cm) 10
Cross Guard Width (cm) 9
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada