Pirate II


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Come on, boy, take you weapon and run on the deck, we’ll soon be ready to board the ship! A dagger? Well, that’s better than go in empty-headed I suppose… but you’ll need to find yourself a good cutlass next time we’re on shore. How else will you become rich, the one kids are told about before bedtime, the one that makes even large spanish galleons tremble in fear?

Oh, you could also take one from the cold hands of the ship’s captain after we deal with his crew. That would make a great story, don’t you think? A perfect way to begin you carreer as a pirate!


Weight (gr) 386.0000
Durometer No
Total Length (cm) 85
Blade Length (cm) 69
Blade Thickness 2.5
Blade Color Silver
Blade Type Scimitar Hammered
Handle Length 16
Grip Length (cm) 11
Cross Guard Width (cm) 14
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada