Long Goblin Nose

Epic Armoury

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The Long Goblin Nose is a latex prosthetic molded to create an expression suitable for an evil maniacal goblin or witch. This exaggerated larp nose ensures anonymity covering the natural features of your face. Reusable the goblin nose can be worn from event to event.

Epic Armoury latex prosthetics are known by: 
• Durable latex 
• Thick and resistant
• Easy to apply
• Low maintenance
• High safety (CE Certified Worldwide)

Material: Latex
Size: Long
Color: Green
Made By: Epic Armoury

Use the epic effect mastix spirit gum and spirit gum remover to apply or remove all your epic effects prosthetics. Before storing apply a little silicone spray to all parts, this will prolong the life of your appliance.