Kobato Volume:2 DVD

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Seeking the right to keep her magical flask, Kobato has been working as hard as she can to ease the pain in others hearts. Unfortunately, there are some jobs that seem to defy even her ability and one of those has become far more personal than she should have ever allowed it to become. The nursery where Fujimoto works is in trouble, and nothing Kobato can do seems to make things any better. Worse, while her magic healing flask is filling with kompeitos, the negative emotions she pulls from the others that she helps, she cannot tell Fujimoto about how she herself truly feels, and Ioryogi knows that the time given to Kobato in order to prove herself is rapidly running out. Will Kobato's time run out before she can ease the heart of the one closest to her? Her fate, and that of all those she loves, will be revealed in the second and final collection of Kobato!