Gunblue Chainmail Long Sleeve

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Medieval gun blued Long sleeved chainmail with . The Butted Gun Blue Long sleeve Chainmail is an essential element to any warrior and is the armor that best fits most. Made with blackened Steel, butted mail, this chainmail will contour your body easily but a good trick is to wear a waist belt to help distribute the weight between your hips and your shoulders.

All metal products require regular maintenance and need to be stored in a dry area. After each use apply a thin coat of wd-40 to the surface of the metal. For bright polished pieces a light sheen of car wax does very nicely to keep the rust at bay without spoiling the finish. Occasionally apply some leather oil or wax to the leather parts to extend its life.

Wide: 140cm (55 inches)
Long: 115cm (45 inches)
Wide: 160cm (63 inches)
Long: 120cm (47inches)

Colour Codes:

1mm butt ring mail


Our Chainmail products are known by:
•Quality metal;
•Adjustable leather fittings;
•Good weight to protection ratio;
•Great addition to medieval warrior look;
•Ideal use for LARP events and historical re-enactments.