Fitted Troll Fangs

Epic Armoury

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Bring your character to life using this Epic Armoury Troll Fangs. The special fitting material softens in hot water and forms a rigid mold around your teeth giving it a near perfect fit. Made by Dental Distortions, which has been making Hollywood quality FX for over 15 years. You will see their work in popular films such as Resident Evil, and more!

Material: Non-Toxic Thermoplastic
Size: Fitted with Hot water in 30 Min or less
Color: Dirty Teeth and pink gums
Made By: Dental Distortions

Boil in hot water to fit teeth, and clean them. These teeth will need to be cleaned after every use to ensure clean and healthy use of the product.

This product is NOT a Dental Device! These teeth are intended for Costume use only! Clean after every use and do not share with others!