Elren'dar II


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Hundreds of years ago, Elren’dar, the legendary sword, was lost. Once it was forgotten by all except the most ancient of the tomekeepers, an elven lord was able to solve the mystery of a scroll dating of the same era. Every sign was there: they would be able to recover the blade. He took his most trusted warriors and mages and went on a quest to find the holy relic.

After years of terrible hardships, battles with unnamed beasts and through mountains, his company arrived on top of the greatest sacred tree of all. In a small alcove, created within the bark itself, lied the sword, waiting for a worthy successor. That’s how the blade was found, and how a new age began for the Elves.


Weight (gr) 407.0000
Durometer No
Total Length (cm) 94
Blade Length (cm) 69
Blade Thickness 0
Blade Color Silver, Steel
Blade Type Elven Bulky
Handle Length No
Grip Length (cm) 24
Cross Guard Width (cm) 0
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada