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Save $5 with Three Funko POP!'S

You can save $5 when you have three or more FUNKO POP! Figures in your order! Check out the Deets below! 

  1. Create an account if you haven't already! This will speed up future check outs as well as earn you points.
  2. Search the store for three or more Funko POP! Figures that Tickle your fancy and add them to your cart.
  3. When you're done shopping and your cart is full of goodies, agree to the terms & Conditions in order to proceed to checkout.
  4. Once you have started going through the checkout, copy this coupon code "Funko3sle" and paste it in the coupon section. You will then see a discount of $5 added to your order.

This promo is exclusive to Regular priced Funko POP! Figures and requires a minimum of three to be redeemed (Does Not apply to on sale items). This promo is NOT stackable with any other code based Promotions such as rewards points or loyalty discounts, however, you will still earn points for your order. This code is valid from the 1st June 2017 until further notice, so use it while you can!

Reward Points

We love that you chose us! And what better way to show our love then with gifts?
There are several ways to collect points when you choose us. So take a look at how your rewards program works below!

  1. Start off with 200 points by creating an account with us. This will also give you the chance to stay up to date on all of our Promos, as well as give you a faster and more comfortable checkout experience!
  2. Become a part of our community and earn 15 points when you follow us on Instagram, twitter, or like us on Facebook!
  3. Spread the word to family and friends, and earn 10 points when you share our website on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Continue collecting points with every order! You will add 1 point to your collection for every $1 you spend with us!
  5. Keep the love going and earn 200 points by sending your friends and family a coupon for 10% off their first order! 
  6. Remember, you matter to us! So make sure you add your date of birth and you will earn another 200 points for your collection on your special day!

The points you collect can be redeemed for coupon codes with a value of either $5, $10 or $25.

$5 codes require 500 points
$10 codes require 1,000 points
$25 codes require 2,500 points

    The referral points will be rewarded to your account after the person you refer creates an account and redeems the 10% coupon you send them. In order to redeem the referral 10% coupon they MUST us the link sent in the referral request received. In order to receive any points for sharing and/or following on social media you MUST go through the rewards tab on the website by clicking the "Learn More" button on the bottom left of the rewards pop-up window. In order to receive the birthday points you MUST add your date of birth at least One month in advance through the "Learn More"  button.

    Coupon codes earned through the rewards program are NOT stackable with any other code based promotions. Points will still be rewarded for the final price after coupon codes are redeemed. This Promotion is on going, but is subject to cancellation at anytime if we find any misuse of the service. So please, don't ruin it for everyone! :-D

    Flexible Payment Plans

    We make it easy to get what you want!

    We all know that our Fandoms and Hobbies can get a little...well... pricey to say the least. So the team here at Otaku Fandom wanted to make getting the things you want a little easier on the ol'wallet. So we came up with a flexible payment plan that can work for everyone! So lets go over the Deets!

    1. First, Make sure your order is worth at least $150. At that point you will notice a large button at the bottom of the checkout window. Click that big blue button!
    2. You will then need to create a account by following the on screen instructions. Or login if you already have one.
    3. After you have double checked your shipping information, and corrected any wrong info (i.e country and/or province). Continue to the terms and conditions page.
    4. This is when you get to choose the terms of the Payment plan, such as the down payment, the length of the term, and the frequency of the payments (i.e bi-weekly, or monthly). You will also be able to see all of the details of your payment plan to the right side of this window.
    5. After proceeding to the next page you will be required to add a payment method such as MasterCard, Visa, Debit Visa, or Debit MasterCard.
    6. Right below the payment method you will notice a document window that shows the specific terms and conditions of your payment plan, including the dates and amounts of future payments. You will need to read and understand this agreement and agree by clicking the "I agree" box and putting an electronic signature by typing your full name in the signature box at the bottom of this window before clicking the "Process down payment" button.

    When selecting a down payment you can choose between 10% to 50%. The Length of the term will be between 2 to 16 weeks. 4 months is the max for a payment plan at this time, but is subject to change upon popular demand. You will be able to choose how often a payment is made and can be picked by the week. the minimum being every two weeks and the max being every 4 weeks (once per month). You will notice in the overview to the right of the window that there is a section showing a payment plan Fee of 10%. This fee is to cover the fee our company is charged for having the service. If you decide to cancel your order before the payment plan is over, you will be refunded for your payments in the same values that they were paid (they will be refunded one at a time), However, the total Fee (10%) is NOT refundable and will be with-held as a cancellation and restocking fee. You will also be responsible for the return shipping cost for any orders requested for return and/or cancellation as per our Return Policy. Any orders placed on a payment plan may be held until the payment plan has been completed as security to us. Which at this time you will receive an invoice to pay for shipping costs if applicable. The payment plans we offer are a legally binding contract, therefor, any fraudulent transactions will result in Legal actions, and may result in the termination of this service. So once again...Please don't ruin it for everyone! :-D