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Our Vision

We envision a company that brings the entertainment and love that comes from video games and animation such as, Comics, Manga, and our personal favorite, Japanese Anime. Together under one trusted brand.

We're not building just a brand, but a community that everyone with a passion for video games, anime, and art can feel, not only welcome, but at home.

This Fandom with a retail branch of the company that we have built will bring all of our supporters their favorite collectibles and merchandise. Then we will launch our other two branches to add a wide range of services.  


Key Players

 Dustin Joulie

Dustin is the founder and CEO of OAM. He has enjoyed the Japanese Anime community for several years. After contemplating his love for the content, he decided to use his bubbly personality and ten years experience in customer service and sales to create OAM and bring a community together as one remarkable Fandom. 




Dirk Joulie

Dirk is the Co-Founder of OAM and shares the same passion for the company as his brother. He has moved on from the company to pursue other dreams and goals. However, he still plays minor roles with-in OAM and often consults with the current team and maintains a valued opinion on projects under consideration.