Telescopic Spear


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With its stunning versatility, the Calimacil telescopic spear head will be a great addition to any character. From the local lord’s guards to solitary Orcs, any warrior with the safety that comes with this extra reach will want to get his hands on this weapon.
The spear is one of the most used weapon of all times. Everything started with a pointy stick, sharpened to help in the hunt. With metallurgy came smaller points, more durable and efficient. The advantage it procured for war was soon sought after, and entire battalions of pikemen were trained, every day more deadly.

All of the spear’s history, all those thrusts converged into our company: the 23rd Elven Correctional Brigade. Elite soldiers, we seek to ensure the Regent’s protection and to keep the peace in the city. Never our arms fail, and our spears will always fight for our kingdom.
Weight (gr) No
Total Length (cm) 79
Staff Length (cm) No
Grip Length (cm) No
Head Width (cm) No
Core Hybrid
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada