Baen Si II


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It is well known that Orcs are great and ruthless warriors. However, they are not the best blacksmiths of the kingdom. That’s why, during their endless pillages and looting, wise fighters take the best weapons of their defeated foes.

Later, deep within the mountains, the orcish blacksmiths break appart the weapons, tear the gems out of their sockets, remove useless guards and melt anything that isn’t a blade. They then create custom handles, made to fit the big and strong hands of the savage warriors, that in turn keep the war going, until all is left is chaos and desolation.


Weight (gr) 450.0000
Durometer N/A
Total Length (cm) 95
Blade Length (cm) 69
Blade Thickness 0
Blade Color Silver, Steel
Blade Type Scimitar Forged
Handle Length 25
Grip Length (cm) 14
Cross Guard Width (cm) 9
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada