Black Ice Arm and Leg Set

Epic Armoury

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The black ice arm and leg set works against the forces of evil and protects the wearer from harm. A unique style with a raised pattern with a black center piece and adjustable leather straps.

Epic Armoury metal armors are designed with a focus on comfort and functionality. We offer handcrafted metal armor made of 1mm (18 gauge) steel with real steel rivets.
After each use apply a small amount of oil or WD-40 to the surface of the metal. For bright metal pieces a nice coat of car wax does the trick nicely. Epic Armoury metal products must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent rust or premature ageing of the metal. Before placing a wet item in storage please dry off using a dry towel.
For leather parts a wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied).

One Size:

  • Length: 25cm (9.75 inches)
  • Forearm: 23-36cm (9-14 inches)
  • Wrist: 20-30cm (8-12 inches)


  • Ankle:20-31cm (9-12 inches)
  • Calf: 33-51cm (13-20 inches)
  • Length: 31cm (12inches)

4 pieces

Cold rolled Steel:
1mm or 18 gauge

Epic Armoury Steel greaves and vambraces are known by:
• Quality leather straps
• Steel rivets
• Rolled edges (safe for Larp weapons)
• Larp quality
• Guaranteed