Cretzer (Dagger) with Ring



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When the Renaissance began, warfare was entering a great era of changes. The upbringing of firearms made heavy armor less useful, and techniques adapted. The landskenechte were one of the most recognizable trained units because of their gear: mulit-coloured puffed sleeves, gigantic berets and some of the most iconic weapons of the time.

Between lances and zweihanders, landskenechte all used a much shorter sword, whose guard aided in parrying: the Katzbalger. Worn without a scabbard, it could be drawn quickly when dire times came, like when their walls of lances were rendered inefficient. It's thanks to their great training, discipline and iconic gear, like the Katzbalger, that these military men are still remembered today.


Weight (gr) 215.0000
Durometer No
Total Length (cm) 51
Blade Length (cm) 30
Blade Thickness 1.9
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type Other
Handle Length 22
Grip Length (cm) 11
Cross Guard Width (cm) 8
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada