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To nomads and classic heroes, vikings and dwarven warriors, Brokk, the Troll Crushing Hammer, offers a weapon that is both versatile and functional, provided you have the strength of mind and body required to wield it.

At a time when trolls brought chaos and were looting the region, two brothers, Brokk and Eitri, were forged weapons intended as gifts for the gods. Their latest creations, a war hammer and an axe were of exceptional quality and the two brothers were arguing to find out which one between Brokk’s hammer and Eitri’s axe was the best.

To put an end to this quarrel, the two craftsmen made ​​a bet: They would wage war against the trolls and the one who would kill the least would have to admit that his weapon was of lesser quality and would have to destroy his work for the gods. After a war that lasted many moons, when all the creatures had left the valley, Brokk led the bet by one troll. As agreed, Eitri smashed his axe against a rock wall, admitting that his weapon was not worthy of a god.

What happened to the hammer? Nobody really knows but when the trolls start to step in civilized lands, it is mysteriously found and when the troll threat has been eliminated, the hammer disappears again...


Weight (gr) 720.0000
Total Length (cm) 107
Staff Length (cm) 91
Grip Length (cm) 37
Head Width (cm) 23
Core None
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada