Leather Broadbelt (Brown/Black)

Epic Armoury

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The leather broadbelt can be worn as a waist cincher or a kidney belt and can instantly transform your larp character into an awesome warrior. This adjustable leather belt easily serves as protection around your abdomen similar to a Spartan belt. Crafted to withstand hard larp battles this unique belt is a versatile piece for any larp wardrobe that gives you two popular colors to choose from!



Epic Armoury Leather product must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or premature ageing on the leather. Before placing a wet item in storage please allow to dry in its original form usually in the sun for about 20 minutes. A wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied).


Data Sheet

Available Colors:
Brown or Black

Length: 71-82cm (28-32 inches)
Width: 14cm (5.5 inches)

Length: 79-92cm (31-36 inches)
Width: 17cm (6.5 inches)

Epic Armoury leather belts are known for:
• Adjustable leather laces
• Thick 8/9 oz. leather
• Form fitting
• Guaranteed
• Unique design