Trophy Latex Body Parts

Epic Armoury

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These trophy body parts are exactly what you need to spice up the fear factor of your Cosplay. And to show your enemies how fierce you can be!


Materials: Latex

Size: N/A

Color: N/A

Made By: Epic Effects


The Epic Armoury latex coated props need regular maintenance with our Epic Armoury, silicone which is 100% pure and acid free. The silicone will keep the coating flexible and make the weapons last much longer. The maintenance silicone protects the latex from drying out, and helps the item resist wear and tear.
Spray the silicone directly on your accessory and work it in on the entire surface. 

Please note: Maintain you Epic Armoury Foam products with Epic Armoury maintenance silicone, to obtain your right to claim and complaint.