Wyvern II (Bastard)


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After hundreds of years of bloody wars between the Elves and their dark counterparts, things seemed to slow down a bit. But it was only an illusion: the dark Elves were busy preparing their next trick.

Their black weapon had been making elven blood flow for centuries. Slowly but surely, they had absorbed the vital essence of the ones living on the surface. The evil magic that lived within the blades warped them, making them crave for blood, wanting it every waking moment. That’s how the forsaken swords were able to find the hidden way through the armours, right up to the elven hearts.


Weight (gr) 426.0000
Durometer N/A
Total Length (cm) 104
Blade Length (cm) 81
Blade Thickness 2.5
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type Rapier
Handle Length 23
Grip Length (cm) 11
Cross Guard Width (cm) 8
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada