Robbert Stark (Bastard)


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Training with wooden swords is very practical, but when facing a real threat, survival is less than assured without a sturdy steel blade. But to be able to hold to this weapon, one needs to have gone through the adulthood rite of passage.

After the series of trials, that are kept secret until I am facing them, I will officially be considered an adult. This means I will receive, like every man and woman of my clan, a sword. I will then be able to take part in the battles they fight, and help them defend what is ours.


Weight (gr) 430.0000
Durometer No
Total Length (cm) 103
Blade Length (cm) 81
Blade Thickness 2.5
Blade Color Silver
Blade Type Double Fuller 2
Handle Length 24
Grip Length (cm) 14
Cross Guard Width (cm) 19
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada