Breath Of The Wild DLC

Breath Of The Wild DLC

In this short blog we will talk about the Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, or BOTW, DLC expansion packs and what they may contain. Both of the DLC packs are purchased as a pack in the Expansion Pass, despite the fact that the second DLC expansion won't be released until the Holiday season of this year (2017), as announced at E3 2017. The expansion Pass is sold in the Nintendo store and has an est. price of $29.99 CAD. There was a large number of exciting announcements at E3 but I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan so I have decided to start the discussion of the DLC content.

DLC Pack 1, not only offers some sweet new items for you to try out, but it opens some crazy new trials! The first trial to talk about is the "Trial of the Sword". This trial can be accessed in the Korok Forest by placing the Master Sword back in its pedestal, sort of like going back in time in Ocarina of Time. You have to make sure the sword is fully charged before starting the trial, however. After you complete the trial by beating all of the enemies in all 45 rooms of the trial, you will be greatly rewarded! You may think that 45 rooms is a lot to do in one go, but do not fret, you can actually abandon the trial and when you return, simply skip past the rooms you have already done. Although, as awesome as that is, you will lose everything you aquired from the trial every-time you return to complete it, because the trial strips you of all of your weapons and gear when you enter. The reward for completing this daunting task is a fully awakened Master Sword that stays in its fully powered up state when being used!

DLC 1 will also open Two new modes. Hard Mode, Which replaces most of the Red Bokoblins with Blue ones as well as making them more aware of their surroundings, that means its not as easy to get those sneak attacks in. There will also be a new level of enemies above the silver level....Gold Ranked enemies will be roaming the lands of Hyrule. With the level boost this mode gives to your enemies, combined with their regenerating health bars, you will need to be fast and agressive. P.S. you will want to keep your eyes on the skies when traveling through this unforgiving mode.

Then there is Hero's Path Mode. This Mode is slightly less intense compared to Hard Mode. This mode will show a path of your travels on the map screen, allowing you see where you have been in the last 200 hours of game play. You can also use the time tracker bar to see where you have spent the most time. Using this mode can really help you out by showing where you have yet to go. So you could say it is the exact opposite of hard mode....

When you get the expansion pass, you will unlock several new treasure chests throughout the land of Hyrule. One of these chests will contain an awesome new shirt showing off the new Nintendo Switch Logo which personally I think is pretty funny. One of the other chests will be holding a slightly more useful item called the travel medallion. You will be able to place this medallion anywhere on the map, making that spot a fast travel point without needing any shrines or towers.

Lets not forget about the awesome new armor you get with the expansion pass! As I've stated at the beginning of the blog, you will unlock several new treasure chests around the land. 8 of which contain new pieces of armor that are themed from other popular Legend Of Zelda Games. These include Midnas helmet from Twilight Princess, a replica of Majoras mask from...well Majoras mask...., Tingles outfit (Who you will find in several games), and a set of Phantom Armor! You will also be able to find a Korok mask that will assist you in finding the Koroks around Hyrule! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any clues that may help you discover these hidden treasures! The photos of the armor will be just below this blog know...Spoiler alert....

The Second DLC that will be available during the Holiday season this year has yet to be spoiled (It's more fun that way anyways). However, what they have told us, is that we can expect a new Dungeon, several new challenges, as well as an "Original Story". I can't wait to immerse myself into this new story the way I have with every other Zelda story! What new adventures will it bring? And how will our timeless Hero overcome them? Become the Legend this holiday season and find out...

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