Mary and The Witches Flower brings Magic to Theatres!

Mary and The Witches Flower brings Magic to Theatres!

We have been seeing an increase in Anime showings in theatres across Canada and the US. Popular titles such as, Your Name, Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods, and Resurrection F, have all made successful dabuts. Now joining this popular line-up is Studio Ponocs film, Mary and The Witches Flower! You will see this magical film showing in select theatres across the US on January 18th 2018. We found a website that lists the theatres that will be showing the film which you can get too by clicking here. Sadly there has been no talk about showing the film in Canadian Theatres. (If you know any better, please leave a comment with a link to the info so others can find a theatre near them)

Mary and The Witches Flower is brought to us by the Academy Award-nominated director Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who also directed Studio Ghibli’s, When Marnie Was There and The Secret World of Arrietty. He was also an animator on the classic masterpieces Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo and a few other popular titles.

The film is based off of a young adult novel called “The Little Broomstick”, which was published back in 1971. The story follows an everyday, normal girl who lives with her Great-Aunt in a small country town. With a very limited number of friends and little chance of adventures, Mary can't help but feel stuck and alone. Until one day when she decides to follow a strange cat into the foggy forest and finds a rare flower that only blooms once every seven years, along side an old broomstick. Together, the flower and broomstick whisk Mary above the clouds and to the Magical Collage, Endor.

When a Magical school has such dark secrets, all it takes is one seemingly small lie to change her life forever. Now Mary must risk her life to make things right, and bring everyone home safely.

We have added a trailer so you can see a little bit of this wonderful tail of magic and adventure!

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