Lets talk about the Seven Deadly Sins

Lets talk about the Seven Deadly Sins

Lets talk about The Seven Deadly Sins!


This Netflix original animated series by Nakaba Suzuki seems to have some outstanding reviews! It is a "Shounen" anime (Shounen translates into "Young boy"). Which simply means that it was intended to catch the eye or young male viewers. However, that being said, this series has gotten a lot of feed back from a wide range of people that have different interests in Anime and Manga.


Despite all the different points of view, I have found that the large number of reviews have all been very positive, with very few people saying they would not recommend the series to anyone. I will post my thought on the series in this blog below for everyone to read, so please discuss this series with me, and comment your thoughts on this series!


Story: 6/10

The series does seem to have a pretty basic plot to it. The main protagonist needs help to save everyone and ends up running into another protagonist who just happens to have the same goal as her so they partner up and start their journey together. I still give this an above average because the series works with this story line very well and has some good twists to it.


Characters: 9/10

I really enjoy every character from this series. Yes they also have some basic characteristics that are pretty common in anime but I personally really enjoyed it. I would have given a 10/10, but I feel that some of the characters, Such as Diane, could have been a little more intense. I didn't really like how easily she was beaten in the end. I understand the circumstances in that fight were not in her favor so she couldn't really go all out,and she was facing a very strong opponent, but I still think she could have had a little more action through out the first season.

Art: 10/10

I am not very artistic myself, but I really enjoy Japanese Anime art. I thought this series was really well animated in a modern style which makes sense considering when it was made). The art is very high quality and captures the action scenes very well! I enjoyed every fight they put in the series and think they couldn't have done a better job.


Sound: 10/10

The sound for this was spot on. Even with my internet connection being pretty slow the sound was never off beat. They did a great job at getting the sounds and music to really pump me up for the fight scenes.


Enjoyment: 10/10

I really enjoyed this first season! In fact I have watched it three time now and have also started the second season. They only had the first four episodes though and it already shows more Fan-Service. Which I am ok with, Fan-Service has never bothered me and sometimes I think it adds the perfect amount of humor for the more "Adult" audience.


Overall: 9/10

I would definitely recommend this series! I find it has a great combination of action, drama, suspense, and it really draws you in from episode one. I personally cannot wait for more of season two to come out!


Those are my thoughts on this amazing show. What are yours? leave your comments below! 

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